PDI offers virtually every conceivable packaging format for wet wipes and continually works on developing new and innovative packaging. From flow wraps to canisters to individual packets, your wipe product can be custom designed and tailored to your marketing or product needs.

A travel pack is an economical choice for packaging which places many wipes in a single package. Flow wraps can be used as refills for tub products or packaged with a re-sealable label for standalone use. PDI also offers flow wraps with a "Solo® lid". Solo® lid flow wraps offer the benefit of a hard closure like a tub with the portability, flexibility and economics of a soft pack.

Individual packets offer a flexible unit-of-use option when it comes to packaging wet wipes. Wipe sizes can range from 1/2" x 1-1/2" all the way up to 12" x 12". Packets are hermetically sealed and offer convenience and portability.


Feasibility & Scale Up

New products start with an idea and move through our design process created to assure that we meet our customers’ goals. We utilize a gate approach that steps each project through critical points which include:

  • Scoping the project and defining parameters of the finished product. Our project team works closely with our customer to develop specifications and test criteria. Successful outcomes are the result of doing the upfront work.
  • Developing the formula from an initial lab batch to full scale production quantity. Each project has a dedicated coordinator that organizes the line trial from assuring all documentation is prepared, components are in-house, line-time secured, quality personnel are set, and operators are ready.
  • Launching the new product. Each gate is designed to ensure success at the next level. Having successfully navigated each step, the product is released and commercialized. Our Customer Support Team takes over the day-to-day management of the business and coordinates all activity from order entry to shipments.

Our Markets

Within our FDA and EPA registered facilities we create a vast array of wet wipes that can be found in many markets. We have a comprehensive library of formulas and non-wovens which form the basic components of a variety of finished goods. These goods can be found on shelves in most retail outlets. Wipes are a central part of health and beauty care, personal care, and infection prevention. PDI Contract Manufacturing offers our customers a partner with significant expertise throughout the consumer and healthcare marketplace.

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